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Drive The Effectiveness Of Your Intranet
Use A Multichannel Strategy To Communicate With Employees
Measuring Intranet Communications

What's included

You will receive 3 best practices guides:

1. Measuring Intranet Communications
  • Why intranet measurement is critical to effective internal communication
  • What to measure on your intranet from an employee communications viewpoint
  • How to measure campaign performance, video performance and content engagement on your intranet
2. Use a multichannel strategy to communicate with employees
  • How to develop a communications strategy for all your channels
  • How to find the best channel to use for each audience type
  • The role of insight and measurement in your success
3. How to drive the effectiveness of your intranet 
  • Setting up or reviewing an intranet
  • Ensuring the intranet is accessible to remote workers
  • Measuring to improve engagement and prove business value


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